About the beneficial properties of buckwheat porridge


Is it possible to improve your health if you eat buckwheat several times a week? Why are nutritionists advised to include buckwheat porridge in the diet for all people, regardless of age? Are there any restrictions? How to cook buckwheat porridge to preserve all the benefits? The benefits of buckwheat and its properties will be discussed later in the material.

Buckwheat composition and energy value

The rich composition determines the beneficial properties of the cereal. High nutritional value and ease of preparation make buckwheat one of the most popular dishes in Russia, Japan, India and other countries.

The benefits and possible harm of buckwheat porridge

Proper nutrition is an important condition for maintaining and promoting health. What is the use of buckwheat, we will analyze in more detail.

Healthy heart

Vitamin and mineral composition, polyacids contained in cereals, help to reduce blood cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, make vascular walls more elastic, prevent the development of thrombosis, which is important in the prevention of strokes and myocardial infarction.

Calm and good sleep

Many B vitamins, magnesium, tryptophan in the composition have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system. These elements directly affect the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are also called the hormones of joy.

Healthy digestion

Dietary fibers, which are rich in buckwheat grains, stimulate the intestines, create the right environment for the development of beneficial bacteria, thereby preventing dysbiosis. Organic acids in buckwheat help the liver and biliary tract function.

Bone and Muscle Strength

Buckwheat grains are rich in minerals and are essential for maintaining healthy bones and ligaments. Carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin E have healing properties. Therefore, proper nutrition, which certainly includes buckwheat porridge, is so important for a speedy recovery in cases of injuries and fractures.

Blood health

Low hemoglobin – eat buckwheat! This statement is probably familiar to many. Indeed, buckwheat contains a lot of iron, B vitamins, routine, which are needed for proper hematopoiesis. And if you eat buckwheat with meat, then there is practically no chance for anemia!


Buckwheat helps to cleanse the body of toxins, has an antioxidant effect, increases the body’s resistance to the influence of negative factors on the human body. During the period of seasonal acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, it will be very useful to diversify your diet with buckwheat.

The beauty

What other product contains so many vitamins, trace elements that help the production of collagen. It is collagen that is required for the skin to be elastic, nails to retain their strength, and hair to shine and not break.

Prevention of obesity

Buckwheat is a complex carbohydrate. When digested, it gradually saturates the body with the necessary energy, without causing sharp jumps in blood sugar and a heavy load on the pancreas. After buckwheat porridge, a prolonged feeling of satiety, vigor is created, and we have less chance of eating anything else.

Can buckwheat be harmful?

As a daily meal in the diet, buckwheat can be potentially harmful to pregnant women and people with kidney failure. But moderate consumption of this product carries no risks of side effects. And it’s not easy to find a person who could eat buckwheat in large quantities every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allergy may be the only contraindication. Nutritionists call buckwheat hypoallergenic, but sometimes the risk of allergies still exists.

How to choose buckwheat for a healthy porridge

Buckwheat on the shelves is found in different packaging: paper bags or bundles, in cellophane bags and packaging made of food plastic wrap. To exclude the presence of unnecessary impurities and insects, it is recommended to choose buckwheat in transparent packages. It is important that the pack is intact.

The packaging must contain all the necessary information: name, weight, date of manufacture and expiration date.

How to cook buckwheat porridge

There are many options for cooking buckwheat. Nutritionists note that this product is best absorbed in the morning. Therefore, if you eat it for breakfast or lunch, then the benefits will be higher.

A simple and healthy breakfast dish is porridge. You need to cook buckwheat porridge no more than 20 minutes. So it will retain most of its useful properties. And it is better to reduce this time to 5-10 minutes. To make the porridge cook faster in the evening, it is recommended to fill it with water. Thanks to this, buckwheat grains become soft and it takes minimal time to cook, and soaking helps to get rid of phytic acid, which is rich in many cereals, which is undesirable in the diet.

Here is the recipe for the classic buckwheat porridge on the water:

Rinse the cereal thoroughly, removing husks and debris from it. For 1 glass of cereal we take 2 glasses of water.

Bring the salted water to a boil, add the prepared cereal. After boiling, you need to reduce the heat to minimum power and cook until tender, until the water boils off completely. Serve the porridge with butter or vegetable oil. Bon Appetit!